Cancun Activities

Enjoy the Beaches cancun activities

There are more than 100 different activities in Cancun that you can do, activities ranging from water fun, to exporting the archaeological sites, the jungle, the cenotes and of course the nearby cities (Riviera Maya) and among this great amount of attractions, our Traveling By team has compiled for you all (or almost all) the activities that you can’t miss.

Cancun Activities

Cancun Activities

There are a lot of activities in Cancun and the Riviera Maya, some are free and others have a cost that can go from 50 pesos to almost 5 thousand pesos per person or per group and now we will list them all for you.
Photography at Cancun’s Mirador

The first must-do activity in Cancun that every visitor has to do, even before going and getting comfortable in your hotel, is to go to Playa Delfines (known by friends as the viewpoint of Cancun) and immortalize your visit to the city with a photograph at the city’s photo booth.

Enjoy the Beaches

One of the characteristics of the city is to have about 22 kilometers of beaches and white sand banks and very fine. Well, the city has more than 25 beaches for all tastes, from family beaches such as turtle beach, to beaches where the music of the nightclubs (Playa Forum) sets the mood.

Enjoy the Beaches cancun activities

Rent a motorcycle or speedboat

If you have never felt the adrenaline of driving a jet ski or speedboat, you have to do it in Cancun, because the city has several beaches to do it. Although if you are new and are afraid of the water, it is best to book it with an operator next to the Nichupte Lagoon where the waters are very calm and calm.

Aquaworld’s FlowRaider

At kilometer 15 of Cancun’s hotel zone, we find the Aquaworld marina, a marina that is well known in the city for having a large number of water activities in Cancun.

But despite all this great amount of activities in Cancun, one that you can’t miss is the surf simulator (Flowraider), where you will challenge the artificial waves to stand on the board and do incredible pirouettes.

Aquaworlds FlowRaider activities in cancun

Meet the Mayan Museum

The Mayan Museum of Cancun is a cultural activity of the city, which presents a museum with more than 300 sculptures of archaeological value that have been found in the state of Quintana Roo and others on loan from other entities in the country.

Access to the museum is very economical, it costs about 50 pesos and the best thing is that in its “patio” there is a small archaeological area with a pyramid that will captivate you.

Playa Tortuga Bungee Jump

Playa Tortuga is a family beach that has activities for the whole family, but among all of them the Bungee jump stands out. It is the only place in Cancun where you can find it.

Playa Tortuga Bungee Jump

Mayan Park Tour

Another tour and activity in Cancun that you can’t miss is the Maya Tour Park, the first park in the city with a complete circuit of hanging bridges and zip lines. This is the first park in the city that has a complete circuit of hanging bridges and zip lines, an activity only for the brave!

A day at Ventura Park

If you’re staying at a children’s hotel, you’ll probably have a small park with slides, but believe me when I tell you that none of them will compare to Ventura Park.

Ventura Park is one of the cheapest tours in Cancun that offers a complete experience of aquatic fun, in its 6 different worlds, where we will have access to its park, its fair, its zip line and its virtual reality world.

ventura park - activities cancun

A Spa day at the Nizuc hotel

Want to pamper yourself? The city of Cancun has several spas, but nothing compares to the Spa at the Nizuc Hotel. This hotel is located in Punta Nizuc, very close to Ventura Park and has the best spa in the Caribbean Mexico.

Enjoy a DayPass

Currently almost 40% of the hotels in the city offer the experience of living a day in their facilities, so among your list of Cancun activities that you have to do you can’t miss the excitement of enjoying an incredible day pass.

Enjoy a DayPass

Visit Isla Mujeres

Isla Mujeres is a small island just off the coast of Cancun and a must see, either through a paid tour or on your own is a must do.

Spend a day at Playa Norte

If you decide to visit Isla Mujeres on your own, then you should not miss the opportunity to spend an incredible day at Playa Norte, the most beautiful beach in the Mexican Caribbean and the second best beach in all of Mexico.

Spend a day at Playa Norte cancun ativities

Snorkeling at MUSA

Musa is the underwater art museum of the Riviera Maya, and is located less than 1 kilometer from Isla Mujeres. It is a museum with more than 200 articulated sculptures that today are home to different marine species and you can get to know it by swimming, snorkeling or diving in it.

Swim with dolphins

Never swam with dolphins? Cancun has many dolphinariums where you can swim and learn more about dolphins, you can’t miss this unique Cancun experience!

Swim with dolphins

Enjoy a sunset in Plaza La Isla

Plaza La Isla is one of the most beautiful, crowded and oldest squares in the city. It has a colonial architecture and is built on the lagoon nichupte. This makes it have bridges that pass over the lagoon canals and the best thing is that there are several activities to do here, but the best is the incredible spectacle of the sunset that gives us thanks to the mangroves and the lagoon.

Enjoy a night at Coco Bongo

Among the list of activities in Cancun at night, you can’t miss its nightclubs and the best we can recommend is to spend a night at Coco Bongo Cancun.

coco bongo cancun

Celebrate at The City

Cancun’s nightclub The City can’t be left behind, as it is the largest nightclub in all of Latin America.

Dinner at Rosa Negra

Hungry? While the city has a variety of restaurants, Rosa Negra is the best for those looking for fine dining, an incredible ambiance, captivating décor and a nightly fireworks show.

Take a ride on the pirate ship

Take a ride on the pirate ship

The city has night tours and among them we have the Captain Hook tour, a tour that gives us a ride over the beaches of Cancun, while enjoying a delicious dinner, rum, tequila and a very entertaining pirate show, all this in a replica of a Spanish galleon!

Mexican Night in Xoximilco Cancun

A little outside the city, we will find the Xoximilco Cancun Tour, where through a fun Mexican night, we will go through some artificial canals enjoying the gastronomy of Mexico.

Mexican Night in Xoximilco Cancun

A night at Cirque du Soleil

Cirque du Soleil is one of the most famous circuses in Mexico and is located in the Riviera Maya. If you have never had the opportunity to enjoy a luxury show, then you can’t miss this Cancun activity.

Visit Playa del Carmen’s Fifth Avenue

Playa del Carmen is located less than an hour away from the city and one of its main attractions is its famous Fifth Avenue. You have to visit it.

Visit Playa del Carmen Fifth Avenue - cancun activities

Spend an incredible day at Xcaret

Xcaret is a well known brand in Mexico and one of its main attractions is the natural and thematic park Xcaret, where you can spend the whole day enjoying its canals, rivers, squares, shows, shows, nature and much more it has to offer.

Adrenaline night at Xplor

Xplor is another park that is part of the Xcaret group, however this park gives us an adventure in the jungle, driving ATv’s, crossing rivers, caverns, cenotes, waterfalls and much more.

Adrenaline night at Xplor

Get to know Tulum

Can you imagine not visiting Tulum? Tulum is a city you have to add to your list of things to do in Cancun. You will fall in love with it.

A night in Mahahual

Mahahual is a city that is out of the Riviera Maya, but that offers us the opportunity to stay in beautiful cabins in front of the sea. Are you going to miss it?

A night in Mahahual


This is our short list of activities we can do in Cancun, there are many, but still many more. However, now you know some of them, so do not hesitate to start putting together your travel itinerary in Cancun.

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