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Playa del Carmen is the heart of the Riviera Maya and although the city has a lot to offer, the real highlight are all the natural, cultural, historical attractions nearby and of course, let’s not forget its beautiful beaches, both its own and nearby, and if you are looking for cheap hotels in Playa del Carmen to spend a few days here, then keep reading our post and know your best options with Cubo Informativo.

Cheap hotels in Playa del Carmen

Cheap hotels in Playa del Carmen

I’m not going to lie, Playa del Carmen is a place that is usually a little more expensive than the city of Cancun, but this does not imply that there are no activities, places and budget accommodations, that’s why today we are going to focus on giving you a recommendation of the 10 best cheap hotels in Playa del Carmen, so without further words we begin.

Partyholic Hotel

From 400.00 MXN to 500.00 MXN per night, this is usually the rate that the Hotel Partyholic in Playa del Carmen offers. It has a minimalist look, it is located a few meters from the beach and you will not lack anything around it, since it is surrounded by bars and restaurants.

As such, it has rooms for 2 people and being a budget hotel to stay in Playa del Carmen, it is perfect for resting and recovering strength to continue enjoying, touring and getting to know the Riviera Maya.


Hotel Partyholic - cheap hotels playa del carmen

Selina Playa del Carmen

Can you imagine staying on Fifth Avenue? Then, it’s time for you to stop imagining it and come and enjoy the Selina Playa del Carmen hotel. This hotel has variable costs ranging from 500.00 MXN to 1,000.00 MXN per night.

Everything really depends on the season in which you decide to stay here, but it is really one of the best hotels in Playa del Carmen, because it “literally” has it all: It has a small outdoor pool, accepts pets, has shared, private and family rooms and the facility offers various activities, some paid and some free.


Selina Playa del Carmen - budget hotel

The Magic Hotel

The Magic Hotel is a 3-star rated accommodation located 1.6 km away from Fifth Avenue and while it is a great place to stay for people who are just passing through town or coming for business, it is an excellent place to stay for a few days and enjoy the Riviera.

Its rooms are spacious, the standard matrimonial standard matrimonial suite is able to accommodate up to 4 people, all include air conditioning, closet and dresser, private bathroom with shower, free toiletries and daily maid service; in addition to this, the hotel has free parking service and free WiFi throughout the facilities.

In addition, we know that the heat of the region often invites us to cool off and that is why this cheap Playa del Carmen lodging has an outdoor pool open all year round, and expect to know and enjoy the contemporary cuisine of its restaurant.

The Magic Hotel

Shaddai Hotel

Between 350.00 MXN to 550.00 MXN per night, the Hotel Shaddai is another option we have for you. As such it is an accommodation that has spacious rooms, some with terraces and view of the city and from here you can walk to the best beaches, downtown and the famous fifth avenue.

It should be noted that to make the offer more attractive, guests enjoy special prices at the Zeni Beach Restaurant & Bar, located just 100 meters from the establishment.


Shaddai Hotel -10 budget hotels in playa del carmen

One Playa del Carmen

One Playa del Carmen is located inside the Xop Inn shopping center on North 12th Street and offers its guests comfortable rooms capable of accommodating up to 6 people; the rooms have 1 large double bed or two double beds, desk, flat screen TV, desk, private bathroom with shower and air conditioning.

In other words: if you are traveling with your whole family or with several of your friends on a budget, this pleasant accommodation may be the one you are looking for to economize on expenses.

In addition, the accommodation offers a complimentary breakfast every morning and its privileged location will allow you to easily reach several tourist attractions such as Playa del Carmen beach, the Playa del Carmen maritime terminal, Kool Beach Club, among others.


One Playa del Carmen - cheap hotels PDC

Maya of the Adults Only center

Traveling with your partner? Although it may seem a little hard to believe, there are budget hotels in Playa del Carmen for couples and an irrefutable proof of this is the hotel Maya del Centro. This 3-star hotel has changed its name to “5TH AVENUE”, but it still manages the adults-only concept.

Among the advantages that we found to be our “Vacation accommodation” we can consider that it is located on Fifth Avenue, so the plazas, beaches, bars, nightclubs will be very close to you.


5TH AVENUE - best budget hotels playa del Carmen

Plaza Playa Hotel

At a cost of approximately 700.00 MXN to 800.00 MXN per night, the Hotel Plaza Playa is another of the low cost options that we find in Playa del Carmen and it is really just a place to rest and ideal for all the people who will spend the day and part of the night on tours, excursions and partying.


Plaza Playa Hotel

Serenity Hotel Boutique

Who says there are no budget 5 star hotels in Playa del Carmen? Serenity Hotel Boutique is here to prove otherwise. It is a 5 star resort that has rooms for couples, groups or families and is located just 500 meters away from the beach.

It should be noted that depending on the accommodation package you choose, it may or may not have breakfast included and lodging costs can be from 1,800.00 MXN to 3,000.00 MXN per night.


Serenity Hotel Boutique - cheap hotels in playa del carmen mexico

Antera Hotel & Residences

Completely elegant, with an outdoor pool on its top floor, Jacuzzi and tub, the budget hotel in Playa del Carmen Antera Hotel & Residences, offers stays that can range from 1,500 MXN to 3,500 MXN, which is a complete bargain because it has a 4-star rating.

The accommodation as such, is only 200 meters from the beaches and less than 1 km from Fifth Avenue, the ADO terminal and the public transportation vans to Cancun or Tulum, so the place is guaranteed fun.

And if this were not enough, its rooms have air conditioning, closet, balcony overlooking the garden, private bathroom, flat screen TV, bed linen and towels. All of them are equipped with a safe.
It should be noted that most of its rooms are mainly family rooms or groups of more than 4 people.


Antera Hotel & Residences

Meliora by Bunik

The 5 star hotel Meliora by Bunik joins the list of hotels that can cost less than 2 thousand pesos a night and as we mentioned, it is a 5 star resort, which guarantees comfort at all times.

The hotel has a rooftop that offers a beautiful pool overlooking the city and if you want to enjoy the beach, just 300 meters away you will find it.

Its rooms can be for couples or for groups of up to 4 people and thanks to its proximity to the fifth avenue, you have everything close to you: bars, restaurants, ADO terminal, beaches and an ease to come and go to any point of the Riviera Maya.


Meliora by Bunik - cheap hotels playa del carmen riviera maya


This is our little top list of the best cheap hotels in Playa del Carmen that don’t go up a lot in high season or during events that “attract” tourism, so save this list and check it when you are ready to know and enjoy Playa del Carmen, Cancun and the Riviera Maya.

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