👉 Acambaro


You can arrive to Acambaro by the federal highway 51 in the State of Guanajuato in Mexico.



For a good exhibition of archaeological objects from the Chupicuaro culture, temporal exposition of paintings and photography as well as cultural events, go to the Museum of Acambaro.

In the Waldemar Julsrud Museum you will find a unique collection of more than 20,000 ceramic statues in the form of prehistoric animals and supernatural gods and spirits, discovered in the local mountain range Cerro del Toro (Hill of the Bull). These pieces have an astonishing similarity to extinct civilizations such as the egiptian or the sumeria.

Walk through the serene tree-filled squares and admire the important, vast and original architectural heritage of the city. Worth a visit is the impressive Templo y Convento de San Francisco as well as the famous Fuente Taurina (Bullfighting Fountain), located in Hidalgo Square, which was built to commemorate the first bullfight in New Spain in the 16th Century. Popular amongst photographers is the Aqueduct, built in 1528, as well as the Stone Bridge, featuring 9 arches.

If you feel fit, walk up the Hill of the Bull, which dominates the city of Acambaro, to be rewarded with a fantastic panoramic view over the city as well as the whole valley.

Acambaro is famous for its traditional bread, and the variety is outstanding! Choose from the specialty bread acambaritas, sculptured bread, animal figures or milk rancher bread. Click Here!

Acambaro’s main tourist attractions

  • La Fuente Taurina or Pila del Aguila. Click Here! Famous for its bullfighting paintings and was built for commemorating the first bullfight celebrated in the New Spain during the 16th Century.
  • Templo del Hospital. Dates back from the 16th Century.
  • Templo de Guadalupe. Dates back to the 18th Century. Click Here!
  • Templo de San Francisco. Dates back to the 18th Century.
  • El Acueducto (The Aqueduct), whose arcs are different among themselves.
  • El Paseo de la toma de Agua. Beautiful ravine where we find arcs and roofs in its bottom.
  • The archaeological site of Chupicuaro
  • The Cuitzeo Lagoon and the Obrajuelo and Agua Caliente Spas with thermal waters.

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