👉 Things to do in Italy

Things to do in Italy

Italy is one of the countries on the other side of the pond (as we say in Mexico) that has become a target destination not only for Mexico, but for all of Latin America.

And it is precisely for this reason that year after year Hispanic tourism increases and if this year you are going to join the club of travelers whose destination is this country, here we leave you the top of Tourist Attractions of Italy.

Things to do in Italy

Italy is one of the cities that you have to visit once in your life and among so many places it has, we know it’s a little complicated to choose, that’s why in Traveling By we list some of them.


Venice is one of the most romantic cities in the world that you can imagine and although it is divided into two zones, it is one of the tourist attractions in Italy that you have to visit.

By the way we will not talk about the many things we can do here, but we will say that the gondola ride is one of them and you can not miss it.

Things to do in Italy

St. Mark’s Basilica

While Venice is one of the attractions of Italy that millions of people around the world visit every year, is the Basilica of St. Mark is one of its oldest architectural buildings that steals the eyes of locals and strangers.

For it is the main Catholic temple of the place that began to be built in the year 828 and finished in the year 832 to house supposed relics of St. Mark the Evangelist stolen from Alexandria.

The Basilica of St. Mark, is one of those tourist sites in Italy that will be impossible not to look at, because it stands out with its grandeur, its beauty, its architecture and especially for its location, as it is located in St. Mark’s Square.

And if from the outside it makes you feel small and insignificant for its large size, just wait to be inside where the golden color predominates in almost all its foundations.

If you want to access this site you can do it from Monday to Saturday from 9:30 am to 5.00 pm and on Sundays: from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm (until 5:00 pm from April 16 to October 28).

Things to do in Italy

Doge’s Palace

The Doge’s Palace of Venice, can not be left out of the tourist places in Italy that you have to know and especially because it is part of St. Mark’s Square, where it makes a complete “Match” with the Basilica of St. Mark.

The Doge’s Palace, also known as the Doge’s Palace, is one of the maximum representatives of Venice where it was initially created in the ninth century as a fortified castle.

And we say initially, because in 1483 the palace was the victim of a great fire (as many like to say), where he had no mercy on anything and devoured with its flames all the years of culture, antiquity and heritage that existed in it.

After this fire the place was rebuilt and reformed as a fortress and a prison. Today it is not only a symbol of the region, but also one of the most important museums in Italy.

Things to do in Italy

The Leaning Tower of Pisa

One of the emblems of the city of Pisa is the leaning tower and in fact if you do a Google search with the keyword “Pisa” almost in all the blessed photos appears the tower.

That is why it is one of the tourist attractions in Italy that you have to know and maybe not in this first trip, but in the others.

La torre inclinada de Pisa

Pantheon of Rome

Among the many places that we will find in Rome, there are some that are mandatory stops, we have the Colosseum that we talked about below and we also have the Pantheon of Rome, which is one of the best preserved monuments of ancient Rome with almost 1800 years old.

paanteon de roma atractivos de italia

Colosseum of Rome

The Colosseum of Rome is another of the tourist attractions you have to go to on your visit to Italy and not simply for being one of the new wonders of the world or for its incredible history.

But for the simple pleasure of seeing with your own eyes one of the most famous iconic landmarks in the world.

Coliseo de Roma.

Rome Forum

And since we are passing through Rome, nothing better than knowing the Foro Roma, where we will have a little trip back in time to the public and religious life of the city.

Foro Roma atractivo turistico de italia

Trevi Fountain

Fontana di Trevi or Trevi fountain for mortals is another tourist site in Italy that we find in Rome and one of the most visited, because getting to it is not the problem, if you are looking to take the best pictures you will have to fight against the crowd.

This is the most beautiful fountain in Rome and you can say that it is a “fountain of desires”, well yes, if you can throw a coin in it, but not one, but three, because according to legend:

  • If you throw one coin: you will return to Rome.
  • If you throw two coins: you will find love with an attractive Italian woman (or man).
  • If you throw three coins: you will marry the person you met.

Trevi Fountain, rome, Italy.


Without leaving Rome, we find the Vatican, which as we all know is the ultimate home and headquarters of Catholic churches and the house of the father and although this place was never intended to be a tourist site, its impeccable architecture and history have made it one of the busiest spots in Rome.


St. Peter’s Basilica

Can you imagine visiting the home of the father? Well, stop imagining it and add St. Peter’s Basilica to your list of places to visit in Italy.

St. Peter’s Basilica is part of the Vatican City and is considered one of the largest buildings in the world with a size of 136 meters high and 218 meters long, and if only the size impresses you, imagine when you can see its architecture both outside and inside.

Although access is free, it is advisable to book a guided tour because of the large number of people it receives each year, and all on Sundays, at 12 noon you can have the opportunity to receive the blessing of the highest pontiff of the Catholic church I leave that information.

Basílica de San Pedro lugares turisticos de italia roma

St. Peter’s Square

It would be a big mistake not to mention St. Peter’s Square in our list of tourist places in Italy Rome. First of all because it is a mandatory stop to visit St. Peter’s Basilica and secondly, because it is a “great hall”, in a space open to the public, as well as to the air itself.

This site was built between 1656 and 1667 by Gian Lorenzo Bernini and is a historical and cultural reference of the explosion of the great baroque theater of the time as a systematization of the power of the Catholic Church.

Plaza San pedro atractivos de italia roma

Lake Garda

Within the tour of the various attractions of Italy you will surely come across the Lago di Garda and this is because it is the largest lake in Italy.  While the Alps are one of the great references of this lake, there are several islands and towns that are part of its route and will impress you, such as Punta San Vigilio, Bardolino, Torri del Benaco, Tremosine, Torbole, Cassone, Salò, Peschiera del Garda, Limone sul Garda and Lazise.

Lago di Garda italia

Vatican Museum

Much has been speculated about the great secrets and mysteries of the Vatican, and there are even movies that increase the morbid about it and while they are apples and pears, something that we can see and check is to enter the Vatican Museum.

A tourist site in Italy that houses different works of art that have been accumulated since the sixteenth century, a collection of more than 10 thousand different works, paintings, sculptures of art from different eras, artists and places in the world.

Museo del Vaticano sitio turistico de Italia


Do you remember the movie Pompeii, the one where love was more powerful than money, greed and the wrath of a volcano? Well, don’t miss it on your visit to Italy.

Pompeya italia atractivo turistico

Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore

This cathedral is located in the city of Florence and is a tribute to the virgin of Santa Maria del Fiore and as a very important fact, it is the fourth largest church in the world.

Catedral de Santa María del Fiore

Arch of Peace

Continuing with our list of tourist sites in Italy, we see a little to Milan, where we find the Arc de la Paix and like the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, the Arc de la Paix is a very emblematic and representative icon of the city of Milan that has hidden the history of its inception (1806) and completion of its construction (1838).

Arco de la Paz atracttivo de italia

Milan Cathedral

The Milan Cathedral is also part of the places to visit in Italy and will be one of those places that catches you by its incredible design and architecture both outside and inside. This place has the shape of a castle with 6 peaks that stand out symmetrically to form a triangle.

This architectural site began its construction in the year 1386 and lasted about five centuries, so the construction passed from hand to hand during that period of construction, which allowed each person involved to capture their own art that lasts over time.

Catedral de Milan lugares turisitcos de italia

Lambro Park Milan

Although Milan has a very beautiful architecture that stands out in almost all its territorial extension, it also has a vast number of green areas, so you have to add in your list of attractions in Italy to know some of them.

And among these parks, one that would be mandatory to visit and more if you are traveling with your partner is the lambro Milan Park built by architect Enrico Casiraghi. This architect was very famous in his time for having an artistic style of “Lombard landscape”, where Lombard landscape means “clear waters”.

In short, it is a park that looks very natural, fresh, romantic and of course predominantly architectural.

Parque lambro Milan lugares que visitar en italia

Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre or five lands is one of the most popular tourist spots in Italy, both for its own visitors as well as for foreigners, because it is one of the most beautiful and colorful natural areas of the Mediterranean.

The colorful houses that we can see here, are built on rocks, surrounded by a beautiful lagoon and it gets even better, because it is not a place, it is 5 coastal towns that converge mutually and share centuries of antiquity in the rugged coast of the Italian Riviera.

Cinque Terre sitios turisticos de italia


Verona is a city that has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is well and truly competing with Paris and Venice for the title of the city of love.

But overlooking the above, Verona is a city that you have to know, because it is full of history, culture and still keeps much of its architecture and ancient buildings, which make us move to a trip to the past of the old continent.

Verona Veneto Italia by machbel


Sorrento represents the competition of Cinque Terre, as it is a very beautiful coastal town that gives an unparalleled view of the Gulf of Naples, and almost similar to Cinque Terre, Sorrento’s buildings are located on cliffs that separate the city from its busy marinas.

The town is also famous for its panoramic views of the sea and Piazza Tasso, a square surrounded by cafes, so here you can say you like to drink coffee and watch the sunsets.

Sorrento lugar turistico italia

San Gimignano

Continuing our tour with the attractions of Italy, we get lost in a walled city of medieval origin and built on a hill, we refer to San Gimignano and thanks to its well-maintained architecture is another site recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

San Gimignano

Island of Sicily

To be in Sicily is to be on the largest island in the Mediterranean and if this is not enough to visit it, perhaps knowing that it has a unique history is, because it is a city that reflects the passage of history in various sites and monuments such as the Valley of the Temples, the ruins of 7 monumental Greek temples of Doric style, and in the Byzantine mosaics of the Palatine Chapel, an ancient royal chapel in the capital city of Palermo and of course without forgetting its beautiful beaches.

Isla de Sicilia


Uffizi Museum

The Uffizi Museum is one of Italy’s oldest existing cultural attractions and was founded in the 16th century. It contains thousands of priceless paintings, ancient sculptures, tapestries. The museum is located in Florence and has been named the most visited site in the city, receiving almost 2 million visitors in 2015.

Museo de los Uffizi atractivo cultural italia


Borghese Gallery

Borghese is an art museum located in the gardens of Villa Borghese in Rome and is part of the series of cultural sites in Italy and one of the most important in the city, not only its exterior is striking, but also its interior and the great collection of art that stores.

Among this collection still preserves much of the substantial Borghese artistic works of painting, sculpture and antiquities, which was initiated by Cardinal Scipione Borghese (1576 – 1633), nephew of Pope Paul V (papacy: 1605-1621).

Galería Borghese atractivo cultural roma italia


Basilica of Santa Croce

This church is part of Florence and among all the cultural, artistic and architectural reasons that the place has, its main feature is to house the tombs of many famous artists, such as Michelangelo Buonarroti, Galileo Galilei, Machiavelli and Ugo Foscolo.

Basílica de Santa Croce atractivo cultural italia


Submerged Park of Gaiola

The submerged park of Gaiola becomes another of the tourist sites in Italy that we can not leave out of our list, for its great natural charm and also for being part of the Gulf of Naples.

This place is considered an interesting archaeological and natural site, being open to the general public in 2002 and you will be impressed by your visit to the park, because among so many things of interest, we find the hill of Posillipo which is the eastern boundary of the volcanic area of the Phlegraean Fields.

Parque sumergido de Gaiola lugares que visitar en italia


Scala dei Turchi

Scala dei Turchi is the name given to a beautiful and mystical beach in Sicily that over time has become one of the most prestigious attractions in Italy. But why is this place so impressive? First of all Scala dei Turchi means “Stairs of the Turks”.

And the beach lives up to its name, because to access it you first have to go through a beautiful and extensive rocky cliff formed of a stone called Marga, a sedimentary limestone totally pure white, which over the years has been formed naturally “a staircase”, which is the reference of its name.

Scala dei Turchi italia lugares turisticos

What are the natural attractions of Italy?

Among the natural places that Italy offers us to visit, we have the following:


What are the Cultural attractions of Italy?

These are just some of the tourist attractions in Italy and we will be updating them until our intern finally makes the trip of a lifetime.

Italy is a country very rich in culture and there are more than 155 UNESCO world heritage sites, sites that have a high cultural and historical value to the world and among the most important and prominent we have:

  • Cathedral of Santa Maria del Flore
  • Basilica of San Lorenzo, Milan
  • Basilica of the Holy Cross, Florence
  • Basilica of St. Paul Outside the Walls, Rome
  • Basilica of the Holy Spirit, Florence
  • Castel Sant’Angelo, Rome
  • Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, Florence
  • Borghese Gallery, Rome
  • Basilica of Santa Croce
  • Uffizi Museum


As you can see throughout this article: Italy has a lot of things to do, where to go, what to know, what to visit and we can not deny that without a doubt, we want to visit at least once in our life. Each attraction will leave us with an experience that we will never forget and of course, one day, one week will not be enough to know everything that gives us the so-called “Old Continent”. So make your itinerary and don’t hesitate to visit Italy on your next vacation.

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