👉 Riviera Maya Shopping

Shopping Tulum

Shopping centers, exclusive shops, clothing brands from all over the world, you will find it all in the Riviera Maya. For shopping during your holiday, you chose the Riviera Maya as your best holiday destination. As this area is the most developed part of Mexico, it can’t be avoided that you can buy a lot of things here, so enjoy your day of shopping in the Riviera Maya!

riviera maya shopping

What are the options?

You can go shopping in Playa del Carmen, with plenty of options to go shopping, but if you prefer to go shopping in a area which is a bit more quiet and if you prefer exclusive shops over big clothing brands, then Tulum could be the best shopping place for you. For both locations you will find the shopping possibilities here.

Shopping Tulum

Are you ready for the stylish beaches of Tulum? The beaches of Tulum are very calm and laid back, but you recognize immediately that the people who walk there,

have a kind of ‘unspoken dresscode’, so they will fit in the breezy, magical atmosphere of the Tulum beaches. It’s not a surprise that Tulum is aiming to be the place to be for ‘fashion lovers’, at least you will get a lot of inspiration. Let’s call the Tulum style ‘bohemian chic’ or ‘beachy chic’! And that’s exactly what all the clothes are like which you can shop in the stores of Tulum.

Shopping Tulum

Why shopping in Tulum?

Do you like exclusive shops over famous fashion brands and do you like fashionable beach style clothes? Then Tulum will be a good place to shop for you and you can combine it with a good lunch or dinner in one of the restaurants at the beach or you can combine it  with a day at the most amazing beaches you’ve seen.

Note that you almost have to combine it with another activity, because there aren’t a lot of shops and don’t expect at all a shopping centre. Tulum is just not that town for it, so as calm as Tulum is, expect the shopping to be like that as well.

Where to go shopping in Tulum?

Tulum town

If you want to go shopping in Tulum for souvenirs, then Tulum town is the best location for you! Besides souvenir shops, you will find some exclusive or local clothing shops and plenty of bars and restaurants

Tulum beach

A magical as the beach road of Tulum looks, so are the shops over there. Very well designed shops, exclusive or handmade clothes and jewelry… you will find a lot of sophisticated beach style clothes in these shops! Please note that the shops are not right next to each other, so you might have a long walk to another shop. Recommended is to rent a bicycle and explore the magical beach road by bike. It is also possible to enter this road by car though. Again, do not expect too many shops, but enjoy the relaxed vibe over there… a shopping experience like you’ve never had before!

Shopping Playa del Carmen

In Playa del Carmen, there is one street which is the most popular for shopping, for eating. Actually this street is the touristic heart of Playa del Carmen.

The street is called ‘5th Avenue or Quinta Avenida’. This street is full of shops where you can buy your souvenirs, bars and restaurants and there are two shopping malls already in this street and a even brand new third one from summer 2015. Only in this street, which is situated only one block from the beach, you will already be satisfied for your day of shopping, but there is more!

Shopping Playa del Carmen

In Playa del Carmen there are already 4 shopping malls where you can go shopping and a fifth one will be there from summer 2015. So let’s sum them up, find out where they are located and which shopping center offers the best stores for you!

Quinta Alegria

Quinta Alegria is the newest shopping mall so far in Playa del Carmen. It’s located on the 5th Avenue, so this mall is easy to reach and your day of shopping can be perfectly combined with hanging out on the beach.

  • What’s here? The body shop, Starbucks, Forever 21, Victoria’s Secret, Sanborne’s, Nike, Hurley, Aldo, American Eagle Outfitters and more!
  • Opening hours: In general all shops in the 5th Avenue are opened from 10am or 11am until 10pm, except from a few local shops. There is no ‘siesta’ during the day, so almost all stores will be opened during the whole day.
  • Location: on the corner of 5th Avenue and Constituyenes.

Paseo del Carmen

Paseo del Carmen you will find at the end (south) of 5th Avenue, so the location again is perfect. You can easily combine it with shopping on 5th avenue, Quinta Alegria or a day at the beach.  Paseo del Carmen is not a covered mall or shopping center. there  a few small streets full of big famous clothing brands and even a lot of the brands are from Europe. As a shopping addict, you can’t miss Paseo del Carmen.

  • What’s there? Zara, Pull & Bear, Pandora, Studio F, Stradivarius, Cortefiel, Bershka, Guess, Diesel, Harley Davidson, Full sand, Armani Exchange, Nine West, United colors of Benetton, Lacoste, Tommy Hilfiger, Starbucks, Haagen Dazs and more!
  • Opening hours: 10am – 10pm, but many stores actually open at 11am
  • Location: the most southern point of 5th Avenue, from here starts ‘Paseo del Carmen’

Plaza Las Americas

Plaza Las Americas is located a bit more in the suburbs of Playa del Carmen. You will find it on your right hand on the way to Tulum. Plaza Las Americas, doesn’t have a lot of big and famous clothing brands, but there are nice local shops, some nice clothing brands, a food court, a cinema and a Chedraui. This shopping mall is the best option for you if you want to combine it with doing the groceries (link to own groceries blog) or watching a movie.

  • What’s there? Sears, small casino, cinema, Chedraui (for groceries), smaller shops and a food court.
  • Opening hours: opening hours depend on kind of store
  • Location: Av. 75 nte.

Centro Maya

At Centro Maya you will find a cinema, a supermarket (Soriana) and some nice smaller shops, with shoeware, swim- and sportswear. This shopping centre is perfect to go if you want to go to do some groceries, but don’t expect the fancy shops to be here.

  • What’s there? Cinema, supermarket (Soriana) and smaller shops.
  • Opening hours: opening hours depend on kind of store
  • Location: Carretera Federal 2100 across from Playacar

Calle Corazón

On the 5th avenue, a new complex is being built and is scheduled to be finished in the summer of 2015. This new shopping mall will make your shopping experience in Playa del Carmen complete! Stores with famous brands will come in this new building. The list with all brands are not online yet, but for sure the swedish brand H&M will have a lot of space in this building.