Puerto Morelos National Reef Park

Puerto Morelos Reef Park Activities

puerto morelos national reef park (Parque nacional arrecife Puerto Morelos) was declared this way in 1998 for being the second largest in the world and is located in Quintana Roo, just 34 kilometers from beautiful Cancun and a few minutes from Playa del Carmen.

This important reef park serves as habitat for many species of plants, invertebrates, fish, lobsters, turtles, crabs, among others and even protects many species that are currently endangered.

Puerto Morelos National Reef Park

Because it is located a few kilometers from Cancun Puerto Morelos is a highly recommended for those visiting the Mexican Caribbean, being a place that offers many adventures and fun for all visitors of all ages but in a place with a quieter and less crowded by tourists.

Puerto Morelos Reef National Park

Next to Cozumel, this park belongs to the great reef system of the Mesoamerican Caribbean, what most enchants those who decide to visit this park are its impressive colors, up to the present time some 669 species have been registered within its marine fauna, if you want to know some curiosities of the Puerto Morelos Reef National Park, continue with us.

uerto Morelos Reef National Park

Park Conservation

Currently there are several projection programs that are carried out in the park, the same consist of being able to limit the traffic of boats that transport tourists to this reef, as well as its size, likewise limits have been created in the areas that are exclusive to investigate the best known research areas are La Bonanza thanks to its reef formations and the Herradura, in which grow numerous pink snails, which makes it an area of high scientific interest.

What to do in Puerto Morelos Reef Park

The most beautiful beaches of the Mexican Caribbean you are going to get in Puerto Morelos, of a low swell to be protected by the barrier reef, although the coastal area belongs to the Marine Park of the place, has public access from the main square of Puerto Morelos and from every street that crosses the town.

Puerto Morelos is currently one of the favorite places to visit for those who are in Quintana Roo, because there are more free spaces and unspoiled nature to enjoy the sea unlike more crowded places like Cancun.

What to do in Puerto Morelos Reef Park

Puerto Morelos Reef Park Activities

The size of the waves in the reef lagoon is a few centimeters, although they are not ideal for surfing, they are ideal for windsurfing, sailing or kayaking, jet skis are prohibited in the place in order to preserve the marine fauna and avoid water pollution.


A few meters outside the barrier reef exactly 3.7 kilometers away you will find different ideal places to dive inside the park, you can see places in the park such as the gardens, caves, the wall, the tunnel or the mouth, you can also take a walk underwater through the cannon boat, an artificial reef that was donated by the Mexican Navy in 2000 and that is only 30 meters deep, in it you can see corals, sea sponges and a myriad of numerous marine species, in the village you can hire a tour that will guide you through an adventure in the reef.


The Puerto Morelos Reef National Park also offers options for those who do not like the idea of diving, snorkeling is one of them, you will have the great opportunity to meet tropical fish and coral reefs in their natural environment, in the areas designated for snorkeling the depth of the reef is only two meters, you can get guides on the docks and different areas of the beach, which already have the necessary equipment for the activity.


If you just want to relax by swimming for a while in its crystal clear waters, in the reef park there is a place where the swell is quite small and it is not very far from the shore, which makes it a safe area for people who do not know how to swim or for children.


In Puerto Morelos there is a sea turtle conservatory, which protects them from animal danger and from hunting them to their nests and eggs until they are big enough to return them to their natural habitat, if you wish you can also be part of this adventure.

Puerto Morelos Reef Park Activities

Now that you know this place in Puerto Morelos, something you should not forget is to eat well and for that reason, we list the best restaurants in Puerto Morelos here.

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