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The state of Puebla is the state close to the state of Mexico and a place worth knowing in your visit to Mexico, it has several of the country’s tourist attractions and of course, a place full of culture, history and beautiful magical towns that will make you fall in love with Mexico. But that is nothing compared to its gastronomy, which mainly includes more than 10 different types of mole. So if you want to know more, get comfortable because right now the Traveling By team will tell you about this wonderful place in Mexico.

Puebla State

Puebla State

Limit to the north with the State of Veracruz, to the west with the State of Hidalgo, State of Tlaxcala, State of Estado de Mexico and with the State of Morelos and to the south with the State of Guerrero and with the State of Oaxaca. Politically it is split into 217 municipalities and a population of approximately 5’076,686 inhabitants.

In the territory that currently occupies the State of Puebla, with an extension of 33,919 km2, they were established villas and cities that thereinafter were converted in “Intendency of Puebla” and finally, by decree of the 3 of February of 1924, in Free and Sovereign State.

Its agricultural production, cattle raising and industrial, Puebla is important, but much more its history and indigenous culture and also its colonial art. Beautiful cities and large amusements are waiting, if is decided on visit.

The climate varies according to the region and thus we can find the climate tempered in the declivity of the Gulf, the same as in the north Saw, where rains in abundant form. In the plains, prevail the dry climate and of steppe. In the snowfall saw, the climate is tempered and wet, with temperature decreases in winter. In the valleys of Puebla City and Tepeaca, the climate is tempered and wet and in the eastern region, are registered variations that go from the tropical rainy until the polar climate in the high mountain.

Cities of Puebla

Cities of Puebla

Now that you know a little bit about the state, it’s time to get into its cities. As such, the name of Puebla refers only to all the regions that make it up and of course, right now we will tell you about some of these must-see places.

Africam Safari

We africam safari in puebla, mexicoinvite you to the fascinating animal kingdom this zoo offers. Located 17 kms. from Puebla by the road to Valsequillo. Founded in 1972, Africam Safari has around 3000 animals of 250 species.

These animals live in complete liberty in a habitat that encourages development and reproduction. The park is divided into four sections: African, American International and a “tiger heaven” along with a children’s zoo. It has a picnic section and a marina with rental of boats to enjoy Valsequillo lake where you can enjoy taking pictures, a souvenirs shop and a camel ride. In the children’s zoo there are pony rides and a restaurant.

The African section is the largest one, it is divided into 3 areas known as Botswana, Uganda and Kenya. At the end of this last one you will find a marina called Mombasa. You get to this section once you go through the main entrance and listen to the greeting of a native which in Swahili tongue pronounces “Jambo wana” which means “hello white man.” It is difficult to describe in a few words all you can see and enjoy in this zoo, it has giraffes, gazelles, zebras, ostriches, nandus, a great variety of felines, bears and elephants as well as beautiful exotic birds.

Most of the tour is done inside vehicles; in certain areas you must roll up your windows to prevent animal attacks. If you do not have an automobile, and Africam bus leaves the Puebla bus station regularly, you can recognize it for its zebra look.

Africam Safari puebla


Huauchinango is situated 190 km from Mexico City by the federal highway 130 in the State of Puebla, Mexico. One of Huauchinango main attractions is the Parish with its dome of 84 mts. in diameter, larger than the one of the Saint Peter’s Basilica in Rome.

Also outstand the Municipal Palace and the Market of Flowers, in the latter there is a permanent exhibition of 200 varieties of Azalea.

Twenty-two kilometers from Huauchinango, by the same highway, is found Nuevo Necaxa which has beautiful mountain views, a big hydroelectric plant, and a lake where you can fish.

Tourism attractions:

  • Plaza de Armas
  • Presa Necaxa
  • Palacio Municipal
  • Antigua Casa de los Cravioto
  • Mausoleo del General Cravioto
  • Tenengo de las flores

Piedras Encimadas Valley

The Piedras Encimadas Valley (stacked rocks) is located 22 km from Zacatlan in the State of Puebla, Mexico. By the same highway and after taking the turnoff to the right, we reach this wooded place where we can admire a great spectacle of more than 50 natural sculptures, with stacked rocks resembling: mythic animals, birds,l human figures, etc. Some of them are over 20m high.


Tepeaca is located 92 km from Puebla City via federal highway 150 in the State of Puebla, Mexico. In the center of the plaza of Tepeaca is found the Moorish Roller, once used to torture Indians, converted now into a four-sided clock.

Some other outstanding places to visit in Tepeaca are:

  • The San Francisco Convent
  • The House of El Marquez de Salinas
  • The Casa de la Colecturia

Onyx items are among its main handicrafts.

Tepeaca puebla


Tehuacan is located 120 km from Puebla City, via federal highway 150 in the State of Puebla, Mexico. Tehuacan is famous because of its natural mineral springs which waters posses curative properties.

Among Tehuacan main touristic places are:

  • The Regional Museum, which is considered to be the most important archaeological museum in the State
  • The Franciscan Temple and Convent
  • Del Carmen Temple
  • La Concepcion Parish
  • Iglesia del Calvario
  • Ex-Convento de San Francisco
  • Museo de Minerologia
  • Jardin Botanico de las Cactaceas
  • Zona Arqueologica la Meza

Delicious regional cuisine includes Chiles en Nogada (sweet green peppers in nut sauce) and Mole decadera.  Regarding handicrafts, the most important are the onyx, textiles, woven straw articles and embroideries.


Chignahuapan town is situated 189 km from Mexico City by the federal highways 150, 190 and 119 in the
State of Puebla, Mexico. Among Chignahuapan principal attractions are:

  • The Nuestra Señora de la Salud Church, where a petrified mushroom with strange inscriptions over it, is venerated
  • The Inmaculada Concepcion Church, where you can admire a sculpture of the virgin which is 15mts. high
  • The Virgen del Ocote, a figure which was naturally formed and found when the bark was removed from the tree

Chignahuapan has some spas of thermal waters and its main handicrafts are wool blankets and clothing, and clay pottery.


Cholula is characterized by its catholic temples, built over pre-Colombian monuments by the Spaniards, such as the enormous Pyramid in which tunnels, you can admire beautiful prehispanic murals and in its top is found the Nuestra Señora de los Remedios Church.

Cholula is known for having more than 150 churches, and although these are its main attractions, it also has many others, such as the following:

  • Museo de Sitio
  • Zona Arqueologica
  • Santuario de los Remedios
  • Exconvento Franciscano/Parroquia
  • Antigua Casa del Gobernador
  • La Extraordinaria casa de San Luis Tehuiloyocan
  • Santa Maria Tonantzintla
  • San Francisco Acatepec
  • San Bernando Tlaxcalanzingo

Cholula puebla


In Huejotzingo you can visit a beautiful fortress Convent with a mixed gothic-, renacentist-, and baroque-style. One of the most beautiful carnivals of the country is celebrated here in Huejotzingo before the Ash Wednesday.


The city of Puebla is a beautiful colonial city located 132 km from Mexico City on federal highways 150D and 190 in the state of Puebla, Mexico. It is the capital of the state of Puebla and has more than 150 different tourist attractions such as El Parian, The State Museum of baroque style or the Casa del Alfeñique, The Municipal Palace, The Museum of Natural History, The Academy of Fine Arts, and the The Museo del Bello and the Teatro Principal.

Zacatlan de las Manzanas

Zacatlán de las Manzanas is a colorful and beautiful magical town in Puebla and just like Cholula, it offers a fantastic weekend surrounded by tranquility, fun and picturesque landscapes. Although the landscapes of Zacatlan are mainly composed of valleys and waterfalls. A place for eco-tourism lovers.

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Puebla has a lot of things to give us and without a doubt, we have to continue touring and getting to know this beautiful place in Mexico. So, are you ready for this adventure?