👉 Public beaches Tulum

La Llorona Beach

Still don’t know what to do in Tulum? The beaches of Tulum, are considered among the top of the best beaches in Mexico and if you are looking to know which are the public beaches Tulum that you can access and of course, enjoy a day at sea, then follow us with Traveling By, because right now we will tell you.

Public beaches Tulum

Public beaches Tulum

It is a tourist destination that is on the rise because of its beauty and proximity to other attractions; besides, along the coasts you will find which are the public beaches in Tulum that remain semi virgin and with unimaginable landscapes. There are beautiful private beaches, but not more beautiful than the public ones, here we show you the best beaches in Tulum and their attributes.

Paradise Beach

It is one of the most popular public beaches in the Riviera Maya, and not only that, it is recognized as the most beautiful in the world. Although it is a public beach, it is not very busy with travelers, so you can enjoy its attractions without interruptions or crowds of people.

Likewise, it stands out from the rest for its enigmatic waters of varied shades of turquoise blue, its soft white sand, sloping palm trees and nearby attractions. This beach is located 1 kilometer from the incredible Tulum Ruins; an archaeological site you won’t want to miss.

Paradise Beach - public beaches tulum

Pescadores Beach

To go to Tulum public beaches, you should know that the coverage and signal are not the best service. However, being a little bit out of the social and electronic networks will allow you to get in harmony with nature.

It is the perfect place to relax and relieve all your stress, enjoy the calm of the translucent waters and admire the environment surrounded by the Mayan jungle. It is located near the archaeological zone of Tulum and, almost always, it is more visited by tourists; thanks to the fact that most of the boats with tourist and fishing purposes are located here.

On the other hand, the main attraction of this beach are the guided tours offered to know the reef; they are usually organized by group, but if you want to be more private, you only need to hire the service. You will live to the fullest the experience of snorkeling enjoying the beautiful reef and swimming with sea turtles.

Pescadores Beach - tulum public beaches

Mirador Beach

It is one of the best public beaches in Tulum, to access you must travel the road between Tulum and Boca Paila. Its prioritized location offers you a magnificent panorama of the Caribbean Sea; due to the smaller hills that accompany it.

As its name suggests, it is an excellent viewpoint to take incredible pictures and enjoy the sea breeze. The environment is extremely subtle; you can also take walks along its white sand from end to end, so you can feel the tranquility that this place transmits.

If you want to swim, it is advisable to be careful when entering the sea, as the beach has many rocks; however, there are non-rocky areas where you can enter the water without contradictions.

Mirador Beach - does tulum have beaches for the public

Sian Ka’an Beach

This area is of great importance, not only for the Riviera Maya but for all of Mexico, as it has a great variety of flora and fauna, amazing coral reefs and is home to many endangered or protected species.

Thanks to this is in Tulum public beaches as a semi virgin extension that you can visit to have a unique experience. One of the most talked about attractions are the 4 x 4 boat tours admiring the beautiful scenery of the Mayan jungle and the brilliant blues of the sea.

Sian Ka’an Beach - tulum beach

Santa Fe Beach

If you are looking for relaxing beaches in Tulum, Santa Fe beach cannot be left off your list; it is located next to Playa Paraiso and is very close to the archaeological site, making it a perfect option to relax in the sea after the tour.

As in most of the beaches in this city, it has restaurants and facilities to spend a pleasant day, but what is important about this place is that there is a camping area if you want to have an adrenaline and adventure experience.

Santa Fe Beach

Ruins Beach

As its name suggests, it is located at the exit of the sea from the archaeological area of Tulum. The view is fascinating, and you can take a tour of the ruins from the top of the beach that transports you to another century.

In fact, it is in Tulum as one of the most famous public beaches; that is why it is one of the best tourist sites in Tulum par excellence. The Tulum Ruins are the most visited archaeological site in Mexico for its incredible Mayan history, followed by Chichen Itza and Teotihuacan.

Ruins Beach - tulum beach

Punta Piedra

This beach is little known and is excellent to enjoy the tranquility and calm of its waters with greater freedom, especially during the week, as it is not very visited, because it goes unnoticed by those tourists who already have their points selected to visit for the first time.

The scenery in this place is fantastic; you can admire the colors and shades of the sea and the sky as the hours of the day go by, with a variety of very interesting shades. It is also a perfect beach for swimming and enjoying a quiet and peaceful experience.

Punta Piedra

Boca Paila Beach

This public beach is like a body of water located within the Sian ka’an Reserve; it is a semi-virgin beach because it is a protected area. In addition, it is presented as the best example of a beach supplied by the Mayan jungle.

Likewise, you will find the most natural environment you can dream of; essential to disconnect from everything and reduce stress. If you are a fishing lover you will love it, since it has a bridge which connects with Punta Allen; making this beach a strategic point to get the best fish.

Boca Paila Beach - public beaches tulum


As you can see, the city of Tulum has beautiful beaches and without a doubt, spending a whole day in one of them will be the adventure you need to fall in love with life again. So don’t hesitate and visit Tulum.