👉 Monclova Coahuila Mexico

Monclova Coahuila Mexico

Monclova is located in the State of Coahuila 193 km north of Saltillo via Federal Highway 57 in Mexico.


Over time, this historical city, which was founded in 1689 as Santiago de la Monclova and as the capital of the province Coahuila de la Nueva Extremadura, has changed in many aspects. It is no longer a village from the dawn of our country.

Monclova Coahuila Mexico


It has become not only the capital of the state, but the steel capital as well. The rapid industrial development, originated by the Altos Hornos de Mexico iron and steel factory in 1942, has in the same way given rise to the implementation of the most complete infrastructure fitting for the demand required by the new investments. Currently, business travelers, as well as those traveling for pleasure, can find the most modern business and tourist services: well-designed exposition centers, excellent hotels, fine cuisine, and a broad assortment of culture and recreation.

Monclova main attractions

Ermita de Zapopan church

Due to damage caused during the revolution and to conserve original details like its bells parts of its walls, restoration of this sober construction from 1700 was carried out at the beginning of the nineteenth century.

Monclova Coahuila Mexico


El Polvorin

Museum with collections of anthropology, archery, guns, and other weapons.

The Santiago Apostol Parish

Construction of this beautiful building, headquarters to the area’s religious passion, began in the second half of the eighteenth century. Its facade consists of carved cantera stone.

Museum Coahuila – Texas

Construction of this historical building, originally built as the Royal Hospital, began at the end of the eighteenth century. It later served as a jail where Miguel Hidalgo and his insurgent troops were he after their capture in Acatita de Bajan. Behind its walls Ignacio Aldama was executed. Currently it houses the Municipal Archives, a permanent exhibit of regional history and seasonal expositions.

Monclova Coahuila Mexico


Museum La Purisima

Constructed by the Spanish in 1781 as a fort and storage for weapons and ammunition, this building has had diverse uses such as a lookout post and school, among others. Inaugurated in 1977 as the Arms and Historical Aspects Museum, it has a collection of original objects, documents, and pictures related to the history of Monclova

San Francisco de Asis Church

Having strong roots within the city, this temple was constructed in 1700 under the orders of Brother Juan Luis Larios. In contrast to its austere facade, inside it preserves a magnificent baroque altarpiece covered in 24 karat gold that was brought from Saltillo.

Pape Museum Library

For 28 years, this cultural and recreational center, promoted by the Pape Foundation, has given us seasonal expositions with artistic works of an international scale. Its permanent exhibit chronologically illustrates the life and work of the couple Harold and Lou Pape.

It also has an auditorium for 300 people where plays and musical concerts are performed. Bordering the museum is the Harold R. Pape Library.

This contemporary, recreational and interactive concept offers, primarily children and young people, a bibliographic heritage of more than 110,000 books complemented with modern internet services, a newspaper library, a children’s area, and a cultural video library.

Monclova Coahuila Mexico

Xochipilli Park I and II

More than 20 hectares (49 acres) intended for relaxation and recreational activities form this original concept from the Papes. Few places in our country can say they have a natural complex of this size. Its complete facilities include large sports and cultural spaces surrounded by green areas, lakes, rivers, fountains, and waterfalls.

Meteorological Observatory

Recently inaugurated, this observatory is the largest in the state with a 16-inch opening and capable of magnifying the brightness of any star up to 3,000 times. Controlled by a computer, it integrates a sophisticated video system that projects live images of the sun, the moon, and the planets.


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