👉 Los cabos beaches

Palmillo Beach - los cabos beaches

Like any good destination that respects itself, Los Cabos in Baja California Sur is surrounded by incredible and charming beaches to do all kinds of activities, from swimming, diving, fishing, snorkeling or simply contemplate its beauty and do not worry if you do not know them, because right now we will tell you about them in this post: Los Cabos Beaches.

👉 Los cabos beaches

Los cabos beaches

Love Beach

A colony of sea lions are waiting for you on this beach and not to mention the scenery you can enjoy and as a timely fact is located near the famous arch.

Love Beach - los cabos beaches

Medano Beach

This is one of the best known beaches in Los Cabos for its calm waters, where you can swim and enjoy a whole day at sea.

Medano Beach - beaches in los cabos where you can swim

Santa Maria Beach

Another of the most popular beaches in Los Cabos is Playa Santa Maria and although it is wide and fascinating, its horseshoe shape is very striking.

Santa Maria Beach - los cabos mexico beaches

Palmillla Beach

If you are traveling with your family, this beach of Los Cabos is for you, because it has several kilometers of white sand where you can enjoy the sun and its waters are so calm that it does not represent a risk for children.

Palmillla Beach

Chileno Beach

Another beach that is ideal to visit with the family is Chileno beach, it has very calm and shallow waters, so you can enjoy a family Sunday, with friends or just to relax.

Chileno Beach - swimmable beaches in los cabos

Palmillo Beach

This beach is an interception between San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas and although it has a completely attractive panorama what calls the attention are the luxury hotels in the area.

Palmillo Beach - los cabos beaches


Balandra Beach

This beach is also known as the natural lagoon and this is due to its very low waves and shallow depth, which makes it a totally family friendly beach.

Balandra Beach - swimmable beaches in los cabos

Las Viudas Beach

This beach in Los Cabos is ideal to go with your partner, because it has a lot of privacy to enjoy, thanks to its sand that is very deep and soft at various times of the year has no locals or restaurants.

Buenos Aires Beach

No, we are not referring to a beach in Buenos Aires Argentina, we refer to the name of a beach in Los Cabos where you can go horseback riding, or to enjoy the scenery, but not for swimming as such, this is because it has a very strong swell and there are several rocks with which you could hit if you are dragged by a strong wave.

Of course we are not telling you this to scare you, we are telling you because this place is one of those worth visiting, because despite the strength of its waves, it is perfect to enjoy a day of tranquility and relaxation.

Buenos Aires Beach - los cabos mexico beaches


Cerrito Beach

Every surft lover has to come to this beach, because it is the perfect place for lovers of this sport and you will even find in the place several stalls specialized in products and articles for suft, as well as hiring classes to learn to master the waves.

Divorce Beach

Divorce beach is the opposite beach that we found a few meters from Playa del Amor and unlike the first one in being with a quiet place to enjoy, Divorce beach is quite the opposite, it is even considered one of the most dangerous in Mexico and of course a challenge for lovers of surfing and extreme sports.

Divorce Beach - los cabos beaches


Los Cabos is surrounded by beaches and we still have many more to mention, however this list presents the best places that you have to visit in your visit to Mexico and of course, let’s not forget that several of these beaches are part of the tourist attractions of Mexico.