👉 Lake Arareko

Lake Arareko

San Ignacio de Arareko is located 8 km south of Creel in the State of Chihuahua, on the road to Cusarare.

This prodigious area offers incredible beauty to the visitor: The Arareko lagoon, the Batosarachi waterfall, the Valley of the Gods, the Valley of the Mushrooms, the Barranca del Cobre mountain passages which are refuge four cougars and deers.

But above all, Arareko is full of mysterious magnetism from the ceremonies and customs of the local raramuri people. People who love their land to such extent that they say their life has no meaning without the vital strength provided by the nature surrounding them.

Lake Arareko

In Arareko you can also hire horses, boats, bicycles and experienced guides. For the person who wants to blend with nature, there is nothing like the more than 20 thousand hectares (124,000 square miles) of woods in Arareko, right in the middle of the Tarahumara mountain range.

There is a beautiful lake with blue waters surrounded by grey rocks, oak and pine trees. You can rent boats, go fishing and engage in water sports.

Lake Arareko


How to get to Arareko Lake

By car: From Mexico City take the Mexico – Queretaro – San Luis Potosi. Take Route 45 to Torreon. There take the Coahuila – Chihuahua highway until you get to La Junta – Creel. At Creel you are just 15 minutes from Arareko.

By train: From Chihuahua take the Chihuahua-Pacifico train and get off at Creel where you can take local transportation to Arareko.

By bus: Take the Mexico City – Chihuahua bus. At Chihuahua take the local bus to La Junta – Creel and then local transportation to Arareko.

By plane: Aerocalifornia and Aeromexico have direct flights from Mexico City to Chihuahua. The plane ride is just over two hours. At Chihuahua, you can take a bus or the train to La Junta – Creel and then local transportation to Arareko.