👉 Kabah Yucatán

Kabah Yucatán

Kabah is situated 140 km from Merida in the State of Yucatan by the highway 261 in Mexic, its just 5 km from Sayil.

Kabah Yucatan

Kabah, near glorious Uxmal, to which was connected by a stone causeway or “sac-be”, competes with its larger city in the majesty and beauty of its palace facades. Its a monumental example of the Puuc style architecture in which each stone element is part of a total, linking men with its universe. Recent investigations indicate the zone was inhabited in 250 B.C. and reached its splendor in the 8th and 9th centuries of our era.

Kabah Yucatán

Kabah archaeological site has two groups of buildings, the Codz Pop and the Palacio, characterized for its extraordinary constructions such as:Codz Pop Facade in Kabah Archaeological Site in Yucatan.

The slender stone Arch building style characteristic of the region and a distinguishing feature of this site. Is thought to be the center of the city and the entrance to the “sac-be” to Uxmal

The Codz Pop Codz Pop in Kabah Archaeological Site in Yucatan, Mexico – Tour By Mexico ® which means rolled carpet and which has ten chambers forty-six meters long, communicated by only one door and which facade is ornamented with 250 masks of the rain god Chaac

The House of the Witch

The Temple of the Columns

Mask of Chac, the Rain God


The archaeological site of Kabah in Yucatan, has to be among the places you have to visit in your visit to the state and of course, take advantage not only to enjoy its history, culture and ruins, but also to know the nearby places and its gastronomy.