how to get to Puerto Juarez from Cancun Airport

how to get to puerto juarez from cancun airport

how to get to Puerto Juarez from Cancun airport? This is a question that has several answers and each of them depends on the type of transportation you choose to go to Puerto Juarez and in this post we will explain it in detail.

how to get to puerto juarez from cancun airport

A little bit of Puerto Juarez

Puerto Juarez is a small municipality in the state of Quintana Roo and is located at a distance of 5.5 kilometers from Cancun and despite having many places to visit, activities to do and very nice beaches and even an archeological zone, but despite the above Puerto Juarez is well known for being one of the main points for the transfer from Cancun to Isla Mujeres.

This is due to the fact that Puerto Juarez has a very active maritime terminal and here every 30 minutes the ferry from Ultramar to Isla Mujeres leaves, besides having the lowest cost of transportation to the Island, unlike other points that are in the Hotel Zone.

It is worth mentioning that Puerto Juarez is also a starting point for the best tours to Isla Mujeres.

By the way, Puerto Juarez hosts one of the 4 ports to go to Isla Mujeres from Cancun, the others are in the Hotel Zone.

how to get to the Puerto Juarez maritime terminal

Distances from Cancun to Puerto Juarez

The distance between Cancun and Puerto Juarez is only 5.5 kilometers and it takes approximately 10 minutes to get there.

how to get to Puerto Juarez from Cancun Airport

There are 5 ways to get to Puerto Juarez from Cancun, the first way we will cite is the most simple and recommended, while the others, have different complexities, costs and are not highly recommended unless you want to venture into the city in this epic way.

Private Transportation

The private transportation service is always one of the best options to get from the Cancun airport to Puerto Juarez.

It is a quality service, reliable, safe, fast and which you can book before taking your flight.

This service can transfer you from the airport to the maritime terminal of Ultramar in Puerto Juarez or to your hotel in this same place, without making continuous stops or boarding other passengers and without worrying about how to get there. We recommend it!

cancun transfer airport to cancun form pueto juarez


The shared transportation service (ADO) is another way for you to get to Puerto Juarez. The difference from the first option is that you have to wait for the departure time, which is usually every 30 minutes.

ado to go to puerto juares from cancun


Our third option to go to Puerto Juarez from Cancun airport is through the buses. This transport leaves every 15 minutes from the airport, but it is a real odyssey.

The first bus will drop you off at the ADO terminal, where you will have to take other public transportation to go to Puerto Juarez.

This second transport can take up to an hour to appear and the most recommendable is to take a transport that leaves you between Tulum Avenue and Portillo Avenue, from where you can take the transport to Puerto Juarez.

As you can see, this option is a whole travel odyssey.

vans cancun to puerto juarez


The cab service is a fast way to get to Puerto Juarez, because you can take it directly from the airport, however you should consider that it is usually expensive and limited to only about 3 or 4 passengers.

Also, if you are traveling with children, this service does not come equipped with baby seats, but if you are traveling alone and in a hurry, this is a good option for you.

cab cancun to puerto juarez

Thanks to Google maps technology and other applications we can get anywhere on our own and if you are an adventurer, going from Cancun airport to Puerto Juarez could be the option you are looking for to fill you with adrenaline.

At the airport you will find several agencies that rent cars so you can choose the best one for you.

car rental cancun to puerto juarez

How to get to Puerto Juarez from Cancun Airport and distance from Cancun to Puerto Morelos,  are two questions that we have already answered in this post and the only thing we can say is that whatever option you choose, enjoy your vacation in the Caribbean México.

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