How far is Akumal from Cancun

How far is Akumal from Cancun

How far is Akumal from Cancun? The distance from Cancun to Akumal is 104.9 kilometers and an approximate travel time of 2 hours, while the distance from Cancun Airport to Akumal is 92.2 kilometers and an approximate travel time of 1 hour and 45 minutes.

It should be considered that the transfer time varies greatly depending on the point in the city of Cancun from where you decide to go to Akumal, as well as the type of transportation you choose to move and here we will tell you about it.

How far is Akumal from Cancun

A little bit about Akumal

Akumal is part of the Riviera Maya and is located very close to Tulum, to be exact 30 kilometers from Tulum and is a “natural resort” in which its main attraction is the sea turtle sanctuary.

That’s right, Akumal is very popular for being the only place in the Riviera Maya declared as a natural turtle sanctuary and where you can not only learn more about these beautiful mammals, you can even swim with them.

Of course, if you are a little far from the main attraction of this destination, there are other activities you can do and places to visit. So Akumal is another of Mexico’s treasures that you have to know.

A little bit about Akumal

How to get to Akuamal

Akumal has a few hotels around, so if you intend to stay in one of them, it is essential to know how to get there from Cancun.

Of course, if you are not staying in the place but you want to go and see the place, this guide will help you to get to Akumal without dying trying.

Private Transportation

The best way to get to Akumal from downtown Cancun or from Cancun Airport, is through a private transfer service that costs 80 USD Single Transportation and 135 USD Round Trip Transportation and you can book it by clicking here.

Why is this the most recommended way to go to Akumal? Being a private transportation, you have the luxury of going with your family and friends in a comfortable way, with air conditioning, cell phone charger and you can also customize your service with drinks, food and even a child seat.

Considering also that it is a trip of almost 2 hours, it is best to go without worrying about the time and this option allows you, not to worry about anything but enjoy.

Private Transportation cancun to akumal


This alternative transportation to Akumal can be purchased from Cancun Airport or from Cancun Downtown. If it is from Cancun Airport, you have to find the ADO bus station to buy the ticket and just wait for the bus to leave to the Akumal terminal.

If you are in downtown and want to go to Akumal, you have to find the ADO terminal, which is in downtown Cancun and do the same process.

In both cases the cost of the ticket may vary and if you consider that the bus to Akumal has strict departure times, you will need to check online these schedules and avoid waiting for a long time.

ADO Bus cancun to akumal


Vans are a collective transportation service that you will find mainly in downtown Cancun. In front of the ADO terminal, you can take a VAN from Playa Express which costs 45.00 MXN.

This means of transportation will drop you off at Quinta Avenida in Playa del Carmen and after that, you must walk about 200 meters to find the Tulum Express terminal. At this terminal you have to take a VAN to Tulum that has a cost of 45.00 MXN and will drop you off in Tulum downtown.

From downtown Tulum, you can take another VAN or a cab to finish your tour in Akumal. Although this is an economical option, the “Logistics” to go to Akumal is very heavy and if you want to think about it, go ahead.

colectivo cancun to akumal

Car Rental

Particularly having a car has advantages, such as the freedom to travel anywhere at your own time, your own pace and even being able to make stops at various places of interest to you.

Well, if you are one of these people from Cancun Airport or Cancun Downtown, you can rent a car to travel without any problem to Akumal or any part of the Riviera Maya.


Cab would be our last option or the least recommended if you don’t want to spend a lot of money, because its costs are usually above 200 USD, it is limited to 4 people, not all of them have air conditioning and have a maximum capacity of 4 people. If you are traveling alone and in a hurry maybe this is an excellent service for you.

Now that you know a little about Akumal and how to get there, we invite you to read on: How far is Secrets Akumal from Cancun Airport and How far is Secrets Silversands from Cancun Airport.

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