Holbox Boutique Hotel

holbox hotels boutique - Ser Casasandra Boutique Hotel

Are you thinking of traveling to Mexico and going to Holbox on vacation for a few days? Well nothing better than staying in one of the Holbox’s best boutique hotels and so here we will list them for you, but first things first, what is a boutique hotel?

Holbox Boutique Hotel

Boutique hotels are a detonation that characterizes hotels with intimate and unconventional atmospheres, generally with a detonation of luxury.

Of course, it should be noted that in each region and country the hotels are totally different, for example the Holbox boutique hotels are usually small hotels, with few rooms, with their own personality and identity, and in many cases located in front of the sea.

Now that you know the above, let’s get to know which are the best boutique hotels in Holbox Island.

Holbox Boutique Hotel

Tierra Mía Boutique Hotel

This Holbox boutique hotel has a simple and beachy decoration, which attracts a lot of attention thanks to being a small 3-story building. It has an outdoor pool, hammocks for common use and if you want to pamper yourself as you deserve, you can request a relaxing massage in the facilities.

Some of its rooms have alcoves with hammocks and we must not forget all the amenities to make your stay the best.

Tierra Mía Boutique Hotel boutique hotel holbox the best

Casa Maya Holbox

The Holbox boutique hotel Casa Maya is located in front of the island’s sea and therefore you will have direct access to these beautiful crystal clear waters, in addition to having lounge chairs that you can use during your stay, the place has a decoration that will make you feel at home.

Casa Maya Holbox boutique hotel holbox

Soho Boutique Holbox

This 4-star boutique hotel in Holbox is located a few meters from the sea and the center of the island and also has an outdoor pool.

Some of the rooms of this place have Jacuzzy, balcony and besides having an outdoor pool, it has another one on its rooftop where you can enjoy the view of the city.

Soho Boutique Holbox the best hotel boutique in holbox

Las Nubes de Holbox

Las Nubes de Holbox, is one of the boutique hotels on the island that has captivated visitors the most, as it is a hotel by the sea and in essence with a romantic, relaxing and quiet architecture that invites you to escape from all your problems.

Las Nubes de Holbox

Ser Casasandra Boutique Hotel

This hotel boutique will surprise you, because it has everything you need to make you happy. An impeccable decoration full of lively colors and the best in front of the sea. And of course, without forgetting all the amenities it has prepared for you.

holbox hotels boutique - Ser Casasandra Boutique Hotel

This is our list of the best hotels in Holbox and without a doubt it is a place you have to visit on your visit to the Mexican Caribbean. You might be interested in reading: How to get to Holbox Island

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